ALSEAMAR detect the signal from one of the recorders of Egyptair flight MS804

ALSEAMAR has already managed to detect the signal from one of the recorders of Egyptair flight MS804

Embarked on board the French Navy's survey vessel LAPLACE since the 26th of May 2016, ALSEAMAR had begun searching for signals at mid-day on Tuesday 31 May, in a zone defined by the French air accident investigation agency (BEA).

In less than “24 hours” and thanks to the DETECTOR, ALSEAMAR has already managed to detect signals from a “pinger” attached to one of the recorders of flight MS804.

This success once again demonstrates that ALSEAMAR's expertise and know-how in the treatment of underwater acoustic information as well as its ability to perfectly mobilize teams and resources suited to the detection of "black boxes" at sea.

The effectiveness and quick success of this operation were possible thanks to the excellent cooperation between the BEA, the French Navy and ALSEAMAR.

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