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Deepwater Buoyancy Applications

The exploration and production of offshore oil is progressively moving to greater and greater depths, which now exceed 3,000m. At these depths, ALSEAMAR customers need low density Syntactic Foams able to maintain a high level of mechanical performance.

The typical composition of ALSEAMAR Syntactic Foams - based on glass microspheres (diameter of a few tens of microns) - ensures excellent compressive strength under high pressure, deep in the ocean, and a very low density.

Thus, ALSEAMAR is able to design and manufacture subsea equipment from foam blocks assembled, glued and machined or constructed from one large-volume piece fulfilling:

  • ROV / AUV Buoyancy requirements
  • Buoyancy and thermal insulation requirements for specific subsea applications.

All those deep-water buoyancy are manufactured under the BMTI® Syntactic Foams brand.


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BMTI Syntactic Foams