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Deepwater Buoyancy for ROV/AUV

Syntactic Foams: Deepwater Buoyancy for ROV/AUV

Maximizing the vertical thrust of buoyancy modules is a major issue for ROV/AUV. This increases their carrying capacity.

BMTI Syntactic Foam buoyancy modules are designed and manufactured to combine low density with impressive mechanical properties. We tailor the manufacturing process to attain the best possible cost/performance ratio.

The large standard blocks developed by ALSEAMAR ensure that bonding is minimized. Its modules are coated with a polyurethane skin, specially formulated by ALSEAMAR, and UV paint. This coating improves the impact resistance and greatly reduces water absorption over long periods.

ALSEAMAR has a wide range of syntactic foams for depths up to 10,000 m. Both ranges are available depending on the density required.

Those products are distributed under BMTI trade mark, that are strictly identical to previous BMTI company (formulation, products, design and manufacturing).


Low Density Foam

ReferenceDepth rating (m)Density (kg/m3)
LD10001 000390
LD20002 000410
LD30003 000430
LD40004 000460
LD60006 000555
LD70007 000555
LD1000010 000695


Very Low Density Foam

ReferenceDepth rating (m)Density (kg/m3)
VLD30003 000420
VLD40004 000450
VLD60006 000535



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ALSEAMAR BMTI: Deepwater Buoyancy for ROV/AUVALSEAMAR BMTI: Deepwater Buoyancy for ROV/AUV