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Submarines buoyancy

Syntactic Foams: Buoyancy for Military Submarine

BMTI® by ALSEAMAR designs and manufactures large one-piece parts such as hydroplane blades or rudders for military submarines, which are crucial to vessel and crew safety, and structural and filling parts of various shapes and volumes.

Formulations and innovative industrial processes have been developed to manufacture these systems and solve the exothermal concerns due to their large size.

The choice of Syntactic Foams and the manufacturing process depends, among other factors, on the mechanical constraints imposed by the customer.

BMTI® Syntactic Foams are qualified to meet the very stringent technical requirements of a military submarine.

Those products are distributed under BMTI trade mark, that are strictly identical to previous BMTI company (formulation, products, design and manufacturing).


  • Rudder
  • Flap
  • Distress Buoy
  • Hydroplane blade
  • Blocks
  • Radomes


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BMTI Syntactic Foams - Buoyancy
Hydroplane bladeDistress BuoySubmarine RudderSyntactic foam BlocksRadomesSubmarine Flap