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Unmanned Vehicles

ALSEAMAR designs and manufactures unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) & unmanned surface vehicles (USV) for military applications, and more generally for the Defense & Security industry.

Engineers develop efficient tools to continuously monitor oceans to provide oceanographers, researchers and military users with real-time data in a very cost effective manner. For example, equipped with appropriate sensors, our SEA EXPLORER glider is a highly qualified platform for rapid environment assessment (REA).

Furthermore, ALSEAMAR has always given pride of place to innovation, and for this reason R&D still represents our core competency. We have acquired strong expertise in underwater robotics, acoustics, electronics, signal processing, hyperbaric mechanics, hydraulics and hydrodynamics, etc.

For any specific design project, please contact our R&D department. As a system architect, we will design the system that matches your requirements to offer an easy to use and low cost solution.


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