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ALSEAMAR detect the signal from one of the recorders of Egyptair flight MS804

ALSEAMAR has already managed to detect the signal from one of the recorders of Egyptair flight MS804

7 Jun 2016

Embarked on board the French Navy's survey vessel LAPLACE since the 26th of May 2016, ALSEAMAR had begun searching for signals at mid-day on Tuesday 31 May, in a zone defined by the French air accident investigation agency (BEA).

In less than “24 hours” and thanks to the DETECTOR, ALSEAMAR has already managed to detect signals from a “pinger” attached to one of the recorders of flight MS804.

This success once again demonstrates that ALSEAMAR's expertise and know-how in the treatment of underwater acoustic information as well as its ability to perfectly mobilize teams and resources suited to the detection of "black boxes" at sea.

The effectiveness and quick success of this operation were possible thanks to the excellent cooperation between the BEA, the French Navy and ALSEAMAR.

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Egyptair Flight MS804

27 May 2016

While ongoing searches initiated by navy ships and aircrafts have started localizing Egyptair flight MS804 crash area, French company ALSEAMAR has been selected by the French government to track down the flight recorders ("black boxes").


8 Apr 2016

Meet us at the Offshore Technology Conference, from the 2nd to the 5th of May 2016. Booth 4049


22 Mar 2016

ALSEAMAR will be present at the DEFEXPO in Goa from 28th to 31st March, 2016 with DCNS India

CET Project

21 Jan 2016

ALSEAMAR has just completed a 17-week test campaign aiming to validate an underwater fish towing system on the Lake Castillon for the French Defense Procurement Agency.

This campaign concludes a 2-year project, conducted in cooperation with K-Epsilon and Lapp Muller companies.

ALMA Project

21 Jan 2016

From November 5 to 10, 2015, the ALMA system - Acoustic Laboratory for Marine Applications - was moored off the coast of La Ciotat (South of France).

Ocean Sciences meeting

Exhibition: 2016 OCEAN SCIENCES MEETING – Feb 21-27

13 Jan 2016

Meet us at the 2016 OCEAN SCIENCES MEETING in New Orleans, USA - during the week of 21-27 February 2016 - Booth #512


3 Nov 2015

ALMA (Acoustic Laboratory for Marine Applications) was selected to be presented at the "Forum innovation DGA" to be held November 26th, 2015 at Ecole Polytechnique.

ALMA is an ALSEAMAR acoustic system (64 hydrophones) with a very high level of modularity and energetically autonomous, deployable in shallow and coastal waters (down to 200m), able to gather, store and transmit acoustical and environmental data. This system is able to address the main current and future issues of operational sonar systems.

After the first trials conducted in Corsica in October 2014, a second measurement period is planned for November 2015 off La Ciotat bay.

ALSEAMAR successfully completed first geochemical exploration survey ever conducted with SEA EXPLORER underwater gliders

ALSEAMAR successfully completed first geochemical exploration survey ever conducted with SEA EXPLORER underwater gliders and MINIFLUO sensors for major oil company

13 Oct 2015

Two SEA EXPLORER gliders were deployed at sea, one from coast in shallow water and the other one offshore on the survey area. Both accurately squared the survey area following pre-defined lines and cross lines. Data files were transmitted by satellite telemetry in near real time during the performance of the mission for real time observations and appropriate re-positioning of the gliders. The use of SEA EXPLORER glider platforms and MINIFLUO sensors for hydrocarbon detection has been demonstrated, and they can nowadays be utilized as a proven and efficient technology for hydrocarbon exploration purposes beyond their classical oceanology uses.

European commission

Major European H2020 Blue Growth Project

29 May 2015

The Bringing together Research and Industry for the Development of Glider Environmental Services (BRIDGES) consortium has won 8 Million Euros in the latest EU Horizon 2020 competitive funding in the areas of Blue Growth, under priority ‘Unlocking the potential of seas and oceans’. By funding this Research & Innovation Action, the European Commission clearly supports the emergence of a European champion in underwater glider technology and the miniaturised sensor industry.

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