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Communication Buoys for Military Submarines

External broadcasting while remaining discrete is a major challenge for all submarines.

To meet this challenge, ALSEAMAR designs and develops:

  • towed multifunction antennas (TMA) that allow transmission and reception in the HF, VHF and UHF frequencies;
  • small expendable communication buoys released via the Sippican airlock bay. The buoys float to the surface and remain connected to the submarine via a wire connection. The buoy then acquires the GPS or AIS position or situation, which is then transmitted to the submarine. Once the link is broken, the buoy is scuttled.


  • Releasable Buoys
  • Towed Multifunction Antennas
  • Releasable Buoys schematic


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Xsub Buoys for Military Submarines
Releasable BuoysVLF/LF submarine buoyant antennaReleasable Buoys schema