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Submarines Antennas

ALSEAMAR designs and manufactures multifunction antennas covering a wide range of frequencies from VLF to hyper frequencies.

These antennas are installed in a particularly compact hoistable mast. The simultaneous transmission and reception of several frequencies is possible despite the small size of the antenna.

The performance levels of these antennas combined with their compactness make them particularly well suited to submarine communication requirements.

ALSEAMAR designs and manufactures antenna systems (switches) that allow the full exploitation of the antenna's entire multifunction capacity.


HF whip antenna 

AS 330, Fouet HFAS 330 Submarine HF Telescopic whip antenna

UHF Submarine Launched / One-Way Transmitter

SLOT 281, UHF sub marine launchedSLOT 281 Expendable UHF buoy


  • Multifunction Antennas
  • Antenna Systems
  • Loop Antenna
  • Buoyant wire antennas Rx VLF / HF
  • HF Whip Beater


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Multifunction AntennasSubmarine Antenna SubSystemsLoop AntennaBuoyant wire antennas Rx VLF / HF