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The SDV Class products have been designed by ALSEAMAR in order to provide an efficient response to the operational requirements of the modern Armed Forces and Special Forces, critically demanding an innovative Swimmer Delivery Vehicle, anticipating on the missions expected to take place in the next decades.

ALSEAMAR undertakes, as a key priority, to guarantee to the Armed Forces, an optimal life cycle cost for the system. So, the technical teams have placed their highest priority and energy in designing robust and cost effective solutions, in order to achieve, altogether, optimal performances, availability, and cost.

The design of the SDV by ALSEAMAR, was, thus, made possible thanks to the strong creative capability, the proven experience in the subsea domain, and the deep knowledge capital of the Company, in operating and maintaining modern SDV’s.

SDV are multi-roles submarine delivery vehicles, capable to fulfill different types of missions for Special Forces and their combat swimmers, thanks to a flexible cabin, easy to configure, depending on the operational goals of the mission.


Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) - SPHYRENE
Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) - SPHYRENESwimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) - SPHYRENE