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Pollution Detection & Monitoring

Some operations in exploration, like drilling, or in production are facing more and more pressure from regulations which aim at monitoring the subsea environment to detect potential damage to the environment due to accidental leaks.

The multi-mission SEA EXPLORER glider equipped with relevant sensors is a lightweight and very cost effective mean to collect “in-situ” data along the complete water column, and providing persistent and reliable monitoring of offshore activities.

Completely autonomous at sea for weeks to months while collecting data, the glider can signal the alarm by satellite in near-real time so that operators are informed if any environmental threshold is overpassed.

Moreover, no need for ship support to supervise the glider mission avoids expensive ship related costs.

For instance, subsea leaks can be detected by monitoring following HAPs that can be tracked over time :

  • Phenanthrene
  • Naphtalene
  • Tryptophane
  • Fluorene
  • Pyrene…


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SEAEXPLORER Pollution Detection & MonitoringPollution Detection & MonitoringSEAEXPLORER Pollution Detection & MonitoringOil platform