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SEA EXPLORER In-situ Monitoring

As all included service for worldwide customers, our fleet of SEA EXPLORER gliders is regularly piloted from ALSEAMAR control room wherever the mission occurs.

Available suite of sensors can provide customer with “in-situ” physical, chemical, biological and acoustical data. Data are collected and transmitted in near-real time by satellite telemetry.

For the Oil & Gas industry, ALSEAMAR provides Oil & Gas operators with qualified and analyzed indicators for efficient decision-making during Exploration and Production activities.

The SEA EXPLORER service includes:

  • Shipping of equipment and personnel on site
  • Deployment / recovery of SEA EXPLORER gliders
  • 24/7 SEA EXPLORER gliders piloting
  • Data processing, qualification & analysis


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SEA EXPLORER In-situ MonitoringSEA EXPLORER In-situ Monitoring